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Our mission is to provide cost effective quality solutions with integrity. We will create the ultimate solution to improve efficiency and drive your business forward. Regardless of your challenge, we will fully immerse ourselves in your world to really understand your requirements. We will bring all of our experience to the table, but will take the time to listen to what you want.

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Connecting Systems
Need an application programming interface (API). Let our team work with your designers and stakeholders to advise or design your next API. We can also code the API for you should you require.
Connecting things
The internet of things (IoT) is becoming becoming more common. With our extensive experience with receiving, decoding and processing data over the internet as well as bi-directional interfaces we can advise and develop any solution.
Simplifying connectivity

Data integration and migration is an integral part of any technology ecosystem and it is critical that it is planned correctly and executed flawlessly to ensure the desired results.

Organise and prepare raw data for analysis

Projects that deliver

Our management team has extensive experience in managing technology projects and programs. We can fill the gap or run the project from inception to completion.

Harness the power of maps

Data analytics using geospatial data Interactive maps that highlight insights in your data.

Asset tracking . Wild life tracking . Heat Maps

Your Ideas brought to life
Tell us about the problem you need to solve, with our wealth of experience in technology, software and a practical approach, we can work with you to design a solution for any aspect of your business.
ICALA Activity management
Cloud Application Process management Best operations too Designed for success For any business Productivity

ICALA is a highly customisable activity management, productivity and collaboration suite that will bring order to your operations and provide control. ICALA is non-sector specific and enables your business to gain control of activities by tracking and reporting process flows and control points. It ensures accountability for tasks.

Costed and customised to your requirements. Configure the tool set to achieve your business requirements..

INDAWO Geo-spacial distribution
Map Distribution points Embed in web page Sales Trade Analysis Magic Quadrant analysis Address geocoding

Indawo was created as a need for our clients to showcase on their web site where their products were sold and distributed. The second need was the ability to rate each location either as a <strong>simple</strong> classification or in a <strong>Magic Quadrant</strong> where preferred clientele where defined and a plan could be hatched to focus sales to the desired market sectors.

£99.00 PCM

Google maps.
Open Layers maps.
Magic Quadrant.
Distributor Network.
Real-time views Improve Accuracy Revenue Reporting Multi Warehouse Product Provenance Multiple Facilities

Still is a powerful business information, productivity and management suite for distillers and the alcohol industry. It allows you to effortlessly streamline your workflow and unlock efficiencies today. Still is fully customisable and will improve productivity and provide control over critical activities.

£200.00 PCM

5 users incl .
No Capex .
Real-time analysis .
Nothing to install.
Core - Membership management
Stripe Integration Gyms clubs Membership Portal

Core is ICALA configured to provide the activities and processes to manage any membership based business. The current functionality is particularly geared towards the operation of a gymnasium.

£120.00 PCM

5 Users.
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"True value through innovative software and technology solutions"