Rienzi technologies was founded in 2017, see the story about the founders and how Rienzi came about.

Our Mission

To provide cost effective quality solutions delivered with integrity. Building and advancing our staff to meet the challenges we face both now and in the future..


ICALA Business Activity Tool set

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ICALA was the the brainchild of Anton who in 2015 had the vision of creating a business application that could provide immense value and functionality to any business. The idea was to create a tool set and functionality that most businesses need. After being the architect of numerous business and government systems during this career, the idea was to where possible stop developing bespoke systems, that all for the most part have the same features with some individual business rules, but to rather have a powerful base that just needs to configured to meet individual business requirements.

The premise is that everything that is done in a business is an activity, most activities have a defined objective and almost always provide data capture for other activities in the business. So the mantra “capture once and reuse” was adopted.

A powerful activity data form designer was created to allow trained personnel and Rienzi design teams to quickly produce powerful data capture forms or process control integrations.

In 2017 Kevin joined and brought with him a wealth of knowledge in software development process, business analyst and project management.

ICALA has successfully created value to many industries including the Alcohol industry (Still), S.H.E.Q. (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality) practitioners, Health, Gyms to name a few.

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INDAWO mapping and sales analysis tool

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Indawo was created as a need for one of our clients to showcase on their web site where their products were sold and distributed. The second need was the ability to rate each location either as a simple classification or by rating it using the magic quadrant principal.

The ability to analyse sales using the magic quadrant methodology means that sales can be focused where the preferred clientele where defined and a plan could be hatched to focus on the correct clientele.

Indawo has a website plug-in so that the map can be published on a website of your choice.

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Still Alcohol management tool

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Still is ICALA with a predefined set of activities and processes designed to manage a distillery from goods received to goods dispatched and everything inbetween.

Still is a powerful business information, productivity and management suite for distillers and the alcohol industry. It allows you to effortlessly streamline your workflow and unlock efficiencies today. Still is fully customisable and will improve productivity and provide control over critical activities.