Plotting your success

INDAWO plots your data on a map and can be easily linked to your website. This will provide information of your coverage and easily identify where you need to grow your coverage. The application can be made to suit your specific needs to ensure successful sales strategy planning and on trade analysis.

With INDAWO is easy to get started

Location and sales / customer mapping made easy. Analyse your sales quadrants and display all this on your web site.


No need to worry about infrastructure as this is a true SaaS solution with its own management portal for you to manage and analyse your distribution.

Instant Access

Once you are set up and you have loaded your first location you are live.

No Programming

Once you have signed up, just copy and paste the code snippet to your web page and the INDAWO Application Program Interface (API) will do the rest.

Open Layers and Google Maps

We currently support both Google maps and Open Layers maps. Soon we will also support Bing maps.

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used INDAWO I did not have a view of where my products were sold, who was buying them and how I could improve my sales reach.”

Now even my customers can find my products and services.

About us

Indawo was built to provide a simple way to add powerful
geo-spacial and sales analysis to any web site.

Our Ambassador program

As a web developer, join our ambassador program and offer your clients this unique platform and start earning.

Learn more

Visit the Indawo web site for more information and how get this awesome product.

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