Productivity through activity

Giving you control of your business

ICALA is non-sector specific and enables your business to gain control of activities by tracking and reporting process flows and control points. It ensures the accountable people perform the tasks and produces regulatory and strategic reporting.

What is ICALA

ICALA is a new generation of business productivity applications. Combining simplicity, control and flexibility.

What does it do

Provides activity management combined with document management, scheduling, IoT integration and collaboration.

Do I need it?

All orgainisations need processes and a way to manage, capture  data, review and enhance the processes to enable steady growth.

How do I get it?

Soon you will be able to sign up on the web, but until then just give us a call or drop us a note via the contact page and we will get you started.

“Thanks Rienzi, in a high regulation environment ICALA is a godsend for helping describe
the key control points and then save time in reporting.”

James Doherty

Features that make ICALA


Real time information

All information is in real time, no waiting for information to be processed.


Activity Management

Track, audit, schedule and monitor all critical activities within your business.



The application programming interface (API) is essential to making services available to a wider audience.



Standard Operating Procedures are the backbone of any organisation. Create, refine and audit standard operating procedures.

IoT Integration

ICALA can consume Internet of things (IoT) and Sensor data to provide analytics and control through bi-directional interfaces.


Installation Options

ICALA is a cloud application that can be installed on either public cloud, private cloud or on premises.


Personal Journal

Each user has their own customisable personal journal to keep track of their day to day activities.

Doc manager

Document Manager

Store, version, expire and search documents in the document repository.


Resource Scheduler

Create schedules, match resources and let ICALA create the activities.


Easy to use interface

Simplicity is the key, find information quickly and easily.


Forms Designer

Design interactive forms for activities, standard operating procedures and entities.


Business Units

Multiple business units can have their own instance ensuring accountability.



Communicate with your clients and suppliers using the contact manager and the email / SMS templates. ICALA has it's own internal EMAIL style communications for staff that do not need external contact.



Standard and custom report options are available.

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